2015 was looking to be a very difficult and trying year as far as weather and feed situations in our part of the country. Very little if any precipitation was realized until August.  Naturally the pastures were taxed and crops very sparse.  We did manage to keep all our cows by continually moving from pasture to pasture and using grass that we normally ran our yearling heifers and bulls on. Thankfully late fall rains provided for excellent fall grazing and our cattle were in excellent condition going into the winter which has been very mild and one of the easiest on cattle for feeding. We will be calving over 600 females come spring as several years ago we moved our fall calvers into the spring rotation, as it was becoming too time consuming calving, while trying to harvest.

Our Annual Bull Sale is now at Dryland Cattle Trading Corp in Veteran Alberta, this will be our 5th year holding our own sale. We sell only 2 yr. Old Purebred and Maintainer Bulls, as well we now offer open palpated heifers.  Our goal is to provide sound, superior Maine Anjou Cattle with lots of natural muscling, depth of body, and lots of hair for the commercial cattleman.  Our focus is not on the “clubby fad” but our bulls can still produce a fancy kind of cattle that work in the show ring, as well as excelling in the feedlot or as tremendous mother cows.

Our sale continues to grow with new customers every year and now the demand for our Maine Influence breeding heifers continues to increase.  Repeat customers are our testament to a successful program and we feel we get better every year.  Sometimes we think the Maine Cattle are the best kept secret but demand is growing every year as more and more cattleman experience the genetics that set the Maine Anjou breed apart from the others.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our program.


"We have been repeat customers of the Deagle Black Maine Bulls- with good reason. We have increased our weaning weights without an increase in calving problems. These growthy calves with lots of stretch, really appeal to the buyers!

Rick, Marilynn and Trevor have honesty, integrity, determination and dedication to their family, their ranch, their customers and their community. We wish them every continued success!!"
Cross Bar Ranch Ltd. 
The Gattey's 
Consort AB

The 5th Annual Maine Difference Bull Sale
April 1st, 2017

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Thank you to all our 2016 Bull Buyers:
Cheram Farms, Sedgewick, AB
Brad & Sandy Lockhart Youngstown, AB
Dave Dutchik, Cochrane, AB
Babcock Livestock, Consort, AB
Bryce Quaschnick, Hanna AB
Odonavan Farms-Randy Melcher, Rockyford, AB
Kevin Ouellette, Kenaston, Sask.
Jim Pulyk, Vermillion AB
2 K Farms, Consort, AB
Greg & Cheryl Duffy, Lacombe, AB
Brian & Sharon Brown, Wetaskiwin, AB
Ryan Copithorne, Calgary, AB
Tom Heidecker, Coronation, AB
Scott & Rachel MacPherson, Big Stone, AB
Dale Love, Hardisty, AB
Carter Stickle, Consort, AB
Doug & Donita Shuckburg, Stettler, AB
Donald Elliott, Coronation, AB
Blaine Dietz, Castor, AB
Crisp Ranches,Consort, AB
Mark Oldfield, Milo, AB
Sid Wilkinson, Ridgevill, MB
Hutterian Brethran Church of Rosewood, Czar, AB
Craig Wiechnik, Consort, AB
North Central Livestock, Vermilion AB
Thank you to the 2016 Buyers of our Breeding Heifers:
Bob Freimark, Brownfield, AB
Anchor Lazy U Cattle Co. Killam, AB
Steven Stickle, Consort, AB
Les Elliott, Coronation, AB
Natasha Baier- Baier Ranch, Altario, AB
D K Ranch.

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