As time moves on we thought an update was due.  Here in Canada and especially the Province of Alberta we are in the midst of a very severe economic down turn. The combination of the low oil prices and a very weak global economy has certainly been a hardship for a lot of hard working people.  Combine that with a Provincial and Federal Government who don’t view Alberta’s oil industry as important enough to help in these dire times and you sure can see why a lot of people are hurting.

As far as agriculture, we are some of the fortunate ones, so far, cattle prices remain very good, certainly not like they were a year ago but still very good.  When you rely on an export market and your biggest trading partner is the USA, the low Canadian dollar works in our favour.

As far as employment, we are pretty secure, always lots of work to do. As always the most important aspects of our lives are our family.  Our son Trevor is the main stay of the operation, doing the most of the management for the cropping and marketing of grain and cattle along with the endless hours of work he does. In November of 2014 he was married to Danica Wiechnik, who is a registered dental Hygienist.  They reside on the home place which is a bonus for Trevor, but Danica’s work requires her to commute to both Wainwright and Hanna to work in dental clinics.

Amy is still working in the Primary Care Network in Camrose as the Team Lead for the Prenatal Department.  She recently moved back to Calgary and commutes for her days at work in Camrose. Ever changing and challenging herself with her abilities as a leader at whatever she pursues.

Renee is in her final months of medical school, writing her final exam in May and starting 2 years of residency hopefully in Rural Medicine in Alberta in July.  It is a busy and exciting time for her as she not only graduates from the University of Calgary Medical program in June, but also is getting married to Clay Creasy June 11.

Pamela, after working for the summer and fall on the ranch has moved back to Vancouver to continue her studies there, changing her facility to that of a Masters in Library Sciences at the University of B.C.  She enjoys Vancouver immensely and we look forward to seeing her succeed in her academics.

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