I’m sure nobody could have predicted how good calf prices were going to be for the 2017 fall run, so I hope everyone that sold their calves are extremely pleased and hope all of us that bought calves can navigate through the feeding period and realize a profit.

Another extremely dry year for us here at our place and especially where we pasture the majority of our cows. We managed to keep the herd grazing out till fall and weaned a few weeks early to give the cows a break before heading into winter. The calves were lighter because of the dry pasture conditions but have really done well since weaning.

We’re gearing up for our annual sale on April 7 and are very pleased with how the bulls are doing. We have a lot of new bloodlines on offer to change things up for our customers so they aren’t using bulls related to the offspring that they have kept for replacements. A lot of the bulls on offer are very maternal and their sisters are making great females.

We’re focusing a lot on easy calving bulls and so anything over a 100lb birth weight is castrated when born. Rest assured that we aren’t interested in calving difficulty as we are calving over 600 cows with one person looking after them. Having said that, realize that the cattle have excellent disposition because the calves are tagged, measured, and dehorned (if there are horns), all by one person alone so we can’t have unruly cows. We’ve stepped up to offer what our customers want: easy fleshing, easy calving, and excellent performing kind of cattle.

The big end of our steers that we sold last year were finished at 1600lbs and they “out Triple A’d” straight Angus steers fed at the same lot. They really impressed the feedlot manager as well as the owner of the steers.

More and more every year the Maine’s are getting the over-due attention they deserve for their performance and carcass yield by feedlots throughout Canada and are receiving the top prices at markets where they are in high demand. We have been sourcing steers and breeding heifer calves in the fall from customers we have been supplying breeding stock to and we are paying premium prices for them because of the strong demand for them. It’s a good testament for our program because calves sired by our bulls are bringing the highest prices at every sale we are buying at. It is the same when we sell—they are premium priced cattle.

We used to sell yearling bulls but our April calving just didn’t work both for the age of bulls to sell and also our environment. In past years April was a really cruel month for calving on pasture with very little natural protection, and snow storms and cold which took its toll on our calf crop. So, we moved our calving to May/June, and what a difference! You can’t beat calving out on pasture in nice weather; cuts down on expensive feeding in winter for calving plus manpower as they don’t need much care in nice weather. By moving our calving dates back we now sell only rising 2 year old bulls, usually 22-23 months old at sale time. It gives our customers those older, more mature bulls that will get out and breed a lot more cows than yearlings by a long ways. As an example, Trevor used the youngest bull bought at our sale last year on some cows and he got 38 cows in calf out of 41 in a 56 day program.

When we have bought yearling bulls ourselves they generally are not tested until later and sometimes they just won’t, and sometimes they just don’t develop like you thought or hoped they would.  But when buying our 2 year olds they are already tested and ready to work, that extra year makes a lot of difference in a bull’s performance and appearance. We offer you that extra year of growth, developed on grass, it sure takes the “guess work” out of how they will look as older bulls. And unlike travelling to numerous ranches to view a hand full of yearling bulls at each place, that may have already been picked over by other buyers, you get a chance at anyone of the good 2 yr old bulls on offer at our sale.

We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to come to our sale and on one day be able to select from 45 hd of 2 year old bulls to use in your operation.  These bulls were selected from the offspring of over 600 females from one home. We only bring you the best, sound, tested Maine Anjou Breeding Bulls!!  You will know it’s not a fluke when you see that many good bulls in one day. This sale is the largest “One Iron 2 Yr Old Maine Anjou Bull Sale In Canada”. And not only that, we offer open breeding heifers from our own herd as well as the best heifers we can source from our customers, all palpated and vet inspected as sound breeding females. We think it’s a real opportunity for folks wanting Maine genetics to come April 7, 2018 to our Bull/ Heifer Sale at Veteran, AB for the most economical sale you will have a chance to attend.


"We have been repeat customers of the Deagle Black Maine Bulls- with good reason. We have increased our weaning weights without an increase in calving problems. These growthy calves with lots of stretch, really appeal to the buyers!

Rick, Marilynn and Trevor have honesty, integrity, determination and dedication to their family, their ranch, their customers and their community. We wish them every continued success!!"
Cross Bar Ranch Ltd. 
The Gattey's 
Consort AB


The 6th Annual
"Maine Difference" Bull Sale
April 7th, 2018




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Thank you to all the Buyers at our 2017 Heifer Sale:
Troy Tattrie
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Thank you to all the Buyers at our 2017 Bull Sale:
North Valley Red Angus
Wes & Dennis Lawson
Brad & Sandy Lockhart Ranching
Herb Wylhuizen
Hutterian Brethren Church
Tom Heidecker
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