What a tumultuous year we had for 2018, not one for the weak at heart. A long drawn out cold spring, was a nightmare for a lot of cattle folks and there was a huge death loss across the prairies. From really cold to a terribly dry summer, with a lot of the province in a drought situation, which did not bode well for hay crops and other feed crops for cattle. Prices for cattle feed were astronomical and a lot of cows were sold off because it wouldn’t ‘pencil out’ to buy feed for them. The areas that did have decent crops then were blasted with a terrible wet fall for harvesting. All in all a very trying year.

We were fortunate at our home place where the feedlot is, as we received timely rains for our silage and barley crops and so were able to put up enough feed without having to change our operation at all. We had enough feed for the cows and enough silage and barley to once again stick to our program of buying some light Maine steer calves to background with our own. As well, once again, we were able to buy breeding heifers to background and sell as open breeding heifers in our sale, all the bought calves are from customers that use our bulls.

I am very excited to have been able to help coordinate with Dryland Cattle Trading Corp in Veteran, AB, a feeder calf sale on Feb.21/19 featuring Maine Anjou calves. So far about 900 calves have been booked in for the sale, with 450 steers coming from our feedlot. It should be a real strong sale and will be good advertisement for the Maine Breed.

The Maine’s continue to top sales at markets, as a testament of how well they preform and grade. It doesn’t hurt to have that good hair coat as well when we experience this polar vortex which we are dealing with now.

The 2 year old bulls we have on offer are the strongest set to date and the heifers will be amazing come sale day too. If you can come for the sale day on April 6, 2019, have some lunch with us and see an awesome set of Maine cattle to bid on. Don’t forget it is the largest sale of one iron two year old Maine Anjou Bulls in Canada. Feel free to stop in and see the sale offerings or give us a call if you want more information. Hope your year ahead is bright and prosperous.


"We have been repeat customers of the Deagle Black Maine Bulls- with good reason. We have increased our weaning weights without an increase in calving problems. These growthy calves with lots of stretch, really appeal to the buyers!

Rick, Marilynn and Trevor have honesty, integrity, determination and dedication to their family, their ranch, their customers and their community. We wish them every continued success!!"
Cross Bar Ranch Ltd. 
The Gattey's 
Consort AB


The 7th Annual
"Maine Difference" Bull Sale
April 6th, 2019


Catalogue available -- links to videos are in the catalogue bottom left side under pedigree for each bull!

Thank you to all the Buyers at our 2018 Heifer Sale:

Larry Hatchard, Turner Valley AB
Troy Tattrie, Youngstown, AB
Stan Moench, Craigmyle, AB
Brian Fletcher, Stettler, AB
Dan Dee Rio Ranching, Castor, AB
Les Elliott, Coronation, AB
Dionne & Tricia Elliott, Coronation, AB
Terry Elliott, Strome, AB
Kevin Bullee, Sedgewick, AB
Rolling View Ranch Inc., Consort, AB
Brad & Sandy Lockhart, Youngstown, AB
John Baier, Altario, AB
Shawn Roth, Castor, AB
Doug Buchholz, Killam AB
Kidd Farms, Macklin, Sask

Thank you to all the Buyers at our 2018 Bull Sale:

Brad & Sandy Lockhart,  Youngstown, AB
John Baier, Altario, AB
Shawn Roth, Castor, AB
Doug Buchholz, Killam AB
Kidd Farms, Macklin, Sask
Brad & Sandy Lockhart, Youngstown, AB
Dusty Hill Land & Cattle Co, Consort, AB
Rolling View Ranch, Consort AB
Ian Goodbrand, Provost, AB
Tom Heidecker, Coronation, AB
Hutterian Brethren of Rosewood Czar, AB
Bryce Quaschnick, Hanna, AB
Darren Wagner, Lancer, Sask
Odonavan Farms, Rockyford, AB
Bar Over Double E Ranch, Compeer, AB
Greg Mappin, Big Valley, AB
Ron & Sandra Rude, Desert Bloom, AB
Oldfield Land & Cattle, Milo, AB
Wes & Dennis Lawson, Beaver County, AB
Lavern Bullee, Sedgewick, AB
S Bar S Ranch, Strathmore, AB
Justin McMillin, Hanna, AB


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